About Interplay Media

Interplay Media loves digital advertising and sport.

Interplay Media is a digital advertising sales house specialising in sport and fitness media. We started out in 2011 helping some of Australia’s most influential AFL blogs including Bigfooty.com, Fanfooty.com and Tooserious.net. Today we represent over 200 locally produced sport blogs, apps, fansites and forums.

Interplay Media works in three areas:

  1. We work with premium Australian sports and fitness sites and influential sport bloggers to grow their revenue and traffic.
  2. We work with advertisers to deliver exceptional digital campaigns that reach and interact with users who are passionate about sports and fitness.
  3. Interplay is a publisher of sports and fitness content. We provide content to Australian brands and international publishers as well as publishing our own sports sites which include zerodigital.com.au and fansunite.com.au
  4. Interplay operates a Consultancy business called Campaign Managers – This business is an outsourced ad operations solutions for digital publishers

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Interplay Media is Australia’s largest independent sport ad network.

The Interplay Media publisher network is made up of some of Australia’s best known sports sites. We exclusively represent all sites in our network and the network is 100% open meaning our advertisers know exactly where every impression is delivered when they book a campaign with Interplay Media.

We specialise in delivering exceptional digital campaigns that reach a passionate sport audience. We offer advertisers the full suite of digital solutions from banner advertising to mobile app sponsorships and everything in between.

Interplay Media exclusively represents over 50 digital sport properties that cover all of the major sports in Australia including: AFL, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket, Golf, Cycling, Adventure/Action Sports, Horse Racing, Tennis, Basketball, Motor Racing, Fishing, Water sports, Motor sports, US sports and Pub Darts.

Creative Solutions

Our digital solutions are all about connecting with the sports enthusiast.
IAB Banners

High impact and rich media display advertising

App and mobile advertising

App and mobile advertising using all rich media formats


Newsletter and solus email marketing

Branded Content

Custom content including blogger outreach and editorial campaigns

Social media marketing

Social media marketing across the biggest networks and emerging social media channels


Pre-roll and in-content video advertising

Digital Sponsorships

Digital Sponsorships and branded content including offline integrations

Co-branded prize draws

Digital prize draws that drive database builds

Delivering campaigns across all devices


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The Team

James Spinks
James Spinks
Managing Director & Founder
James founded Interplay Media in 2011 and has over 12 years of digital advertising experience working across Australasia and Europe.
Ben Murray
Ben Murray
Digital Operations Director
Ben has worked in digital advertising for over 16 years across the UK and Australia and has extensive knowledge of the digital operations industry.
Robbie Gibbs
Robbie Gibbs
Sales Director NSW
Robbie is an experienced sales manager, having previously worked at 0AMM and Bauer Trader Media.
Corey Ahearne
Corey Ahearne
Digital Sales Manager
Corey is an experienced sales manager having worked with Australia’s largest online Marketplace network, The Exchange Group, before joining Interplay.
James Rose
James Rose
Programmatic Sales Manager
James is a veteran of the digital publishing industry having founded the sport site Contested Footy in 2008.
Ben Pahor
Ben Pahor
Digital Marketing Executive
Ben has a vast knowledge of the sports media industry and combines his passions for digital media and sport in his role as Digital Marketing Executive.
Josh Rickard
Josh Rickard
Fans Unite Editor
Josh is a Fanatical Dons supporter who has worked at several social media and AFL statistics publishing businesses.

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