New Member Awareness Driver

Bowls Australia is the governing body for the sport of bowls in Australia. Bowls Australia is responsible for the leadership, development and management of lawn bowls in Australia.


Current memberships at Lawn Bowls clubs tends to skew to an older demographic, therefore Lawn Bowls Australia wanted to encourage younger new member participation that was centred around some key bowling events in the Australian Calendar, which included the 2019 Victorian Open & World Bowls Challenge.


Interplay set up an array of media targeted video options utilising 15” Pre-Roll to target 30-50 Males & Females with sports, family and outdoor social activity affinity interests.

We also cross referenced this with known geo locations for the 2,000 registered bowling clubs throughout Australia and created data sets that triggered when a user was within a five metre radius for a set period of time (essentially indicating they had attended a club or function). These data sets were then retargeted with six second bumper ads to increase completion rate metrics.

AU Reach
User Engagement
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