Bulk Nutrients "Daypart Messaging" Creative Campaign

Bulk Nutrients is an Australian online retailer based in Grove, Tasmania that develops sports nutrition products including protein powders, amino acids, and high protein snacks.


Bulk Nutrients wanted to target health enthusiasts around their protein powder offerings. They wanted a solution to showcase multiple products with dynamic messaging depending on user data information. This included display and high impact interstitials to showcase the “Bulk Nutrients” range.


Interplay deployed a suite of ad solutions (built in Celtra) that delivered different brand messaging executions depending on the users time of day or day of week across all creative. So if a user was exposed to an interstitial on Wednesday the message showcased read “Woo Hoo Hump-Day” for Friday the ad displayed “Happy Fri-Yay”, for AM and PM the messages also deployed their AM or PM range.

The results for this form of contextual alignment to a users day resulted in some of the best performing metrics for an ad of this type.

Avg Exposure Rate Interstitial
User Engagement
Engagement Rate

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