Test Ticket Acquisition Drive

The Adelaide 36ers, also known as the Sixers, are an Australian professional men's basketball team in the National Basketball League (NBL). Founded in 1982, the 36ers are the only team in the league representing the state of South Australia and are based in the state's capital of Adelaide.


Due to similarities between Brisbane Bullets, Perth Wildcats and New Zealand Breakers - it was not hard to conceive that Adelaide would yield similar results from the same strategy.

The challenge here is to build on the brand and showcase more awareness for the client with high impact and video options!


Interplay deployed a similar strategy to that of the Breakers with immediate results! Within the first few days of the campaign we were able to see results on par with Perth Wildcats over 31x ROAS.

The strategy now is to utilise that spend to build on the brand around high impact and video options to further strengthen the clubs reach.

Ticket Sales
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