We help publishers and brands across APAC to maximize their revenue potential.

Interplay Media was established in 2011 to help independant Australian sports publishers and bloggers to grow their audience and revenue in the digital space.

Today our mission has evolved to encompass not only publishers but marketing brands alike through our team of experts across both digital publishing and marketing.

Work With Us

At Interplay Media we have a wide range of knowledge across the publishing and digital agency industry with regard to the way business works, the market, the media owners and the tools you need to use to get the results you want.

We can help you plan your campaigns and report to your clients about the success of your campaigns. We offer a range of cover to suit your needs, whatever that might be.

IAB Australia

Our Mission

We use a nimble approach to technology in order to create the best possible publisher and advertiser user experience, providing optimal results - delivering value for all.

We Are

Need a robust solution? Innovative strategy? Quick Turnaround? Our team is on hand to utilise the latest tech and trends in the industry to provide your campaign strategy the shot in the arm you need.
As a compact team we are able to pivot quickly on decisions required to help you achieve your clients objectives. Less red tape means quicker turnaround times to deliver projects on time.
We understand you know your market better than we do. We leave our ego at the door to listen to your requirements and are open to delivering to your recommendations.
Having worked in digital for over 20 years, partnered with many clients for well over a decade, our partners trust us to deliver the best outcome for their business.

Our Management Team

James Spinks

Managing Director

James founded Interplay media in 2012 then went on to found our publishing business, Zero Digital Sport, In 2015. Today he splits his time between the two business focusing on growth and team leadership.

Ben Murray

Director, Products & Technology

Ben started his career in digital ad operations back in 1999 and has since worked with many publishers including The Mirror Group (UK) and APN digital. Ben sits on several councils at the IAB and is a leader in the digital ad operations industry.

Matt Clements

Technology Lead

Matt is our chief app and web developer. Matt leads all technical development projects across the business and is most famous for founding Zerotackle.com, the number 1 Rugby League site in Australia.

Nick Splitter

General Manager, Publishing

Nick has spent the last 15 years in digital media, marketing and advertising roles across the sports industry. Having joined Zero Digital Sports in 2021, Nick now leads editorial, social and digital production across the business, focusing on content, audience and brand development.

An Interplay of Ideas

Ben Murray

23rd September, 2021

Ad Operations Teams, Flexibility, And Ways Of Working To Cope With Lockdown

As a very busy team who are used to furiously interacting f2f but are now working remotely, how are you managing to ensure that all the operational day-to-day ...

Ben Murray

26th November, 2020

How can we stop the divide between Sales and Ops?

I would look to businesses that have effectively cut-across that divide successfully in media. Some smaller businesses, lean start-ups and SSPs have all managed ...

Ben Murray

7th October, 2020

Health & Fitness Marketing

How can agencies & advertisers develop messages & creative that will hit the right note in what has been a stressful and uncertain year”.

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