Why is no one turning up to the footy? The digital reasons



Expensive pies, bad times, poor quality games?


Or are the smaller crowd numbers to do with sluggish connectivity at stadiums and the better digital experience of watching the game from your couch??


Dave Culbert has a go at finding an answer in the linked article and comes to some interesting conclusions.


Here at Interplay Media we’ve been hearing a lot about ticket prices, food prices and the decrease in on field quality at AFL games causing lower crowds.


But we also think there might be other reasons too and they’ve got to do with some digital at home advancements that we may take for granted now.


Things like watching the game live and in high definition from the comfort of your couch, while at the same time having the laptop or the phone on, following scores from another game.


At the MCG and Etihad in particular phone connectivity is poor and this kind of stuff is hard to achieve.


Do stadiums and the league need to bring the in ground experience up to a higher level to get fans through the gates?


What we do know is crowds are down across a lot of sports and something needs to change.