Video advertising essential in 2015

SEN - post

In 2014 it was very apparent that the use of mobile devices had a substantial impact on social media networks and the way that businesses approach marketing through these networks.

Mona Parmar, Vice President of Glow Digital Media spoke to Exchange Wire and identified video as one of the top three advertising trends businesses should be prepared for from Facebook in 2015.

With the increased presence and influence of video in the digital sphere, Parmar expects businesses will delve more seriously into Facebook video advertising, resulting in substantial growth in the area.

“From November to December in 2014 we saw video impressions served on Facebook through our Glow Machine platform increase 917% month-over-month (Glow Social Advertising Index – Q4 2014),” Parmar said.

At Interplay, we will be looking to optimise on this trend by introducing more video-focused campaigns through our publishers and social media channels.

We are currently utilising this tool with SEN, inserting a pre-roll video advertisement before listeners can tune in via the online ‘Listen Live’ function on the website.

Interplay Media also anticipate a substantial increase in video advertising in 2015, with businesses looking to reallocate TV advertising dollars through their more effective digital channels.