Unibet Launch their “Aussie Sports Challenge” online game as part of latest digital campaign

unibet Aussie sports challenge
Sports betting firms here in OZ have been doing some super innovative digital stuff recently.

In the latest left of centre promotional activity by betting firm Unibet, the company has developed a simple online game which asks you to guess the names of popular sports ground all around the country.

Unibet’s Aussie Sports Challenge will test your knowledge of stadiums, and with only ten seconds to pick the correct answer it will separate the dedicated fans from the pretenders.

We here at Interplay aren’t ones to gloat, but we may or may not have gotten 10/10 when we gave it ago (it also may or may not have taken a few rounds to get there, but hey, that’s irrelevant).

We can’t wait to see where the challenge takes Unibet, as its set to evoke the competitive spirit and be shared amongst punters throughout the country.

The game was originally devised in the UK, and the firm have brought it down under to keep Aussie punters in the loop.

Unibet, like a number of other online betting firms have jumped right into the digital advertising market, and are making a statement with creative and innovative campaigns that often push the boundaries of traditional campaigns.

Earlier this year, Unibet, alongside creative agency Leo Burnett took a different approach from the larrikin nature of the Australian betting market and released their “Back Yourself” campaign for the serious punter.

We also couldn’t help but appreciate firm Sportsbet resurrecting Christ the Redeemer for their “#KeepTheFaith” campaign for the 2014 World Cup. The stunt involved a 46 metre high hot air balloon of Jesus Christ floating over Melbourne in a Socceroos jersey. It may have been controversial but it certainly got people talking.

This new game by Unibet is a safer option, but has the potential to get punters talking all the same.