Top mobile trends for 2015 from Advertising Week

At New York’s Advertising Week earlier this month, a key theme arose amongst advertisers, and that’s the global challenge presented by mobile marketing, and to continue to figure out the way to best serve ads on Smart Phones.

Ad Week spoke to eight of the World’s top digital marketing executives in a post following the NY based event, to discuss what the future of mobile advertising holds on 2015. While mobile shopping was a key topic of discussion, finding new ways to create targeted and useful ads without cookies on mobile is one of the main challenges which digital marketers will face over the next twelve months.

Colson Hillier, Vice President of Precision Market Inside told Ad Week: “The next six to 12 months will yield much better standards around identity. The fact that a cookie doesn’t exist in mobile can be solved; it’s by doing things like ID chaining or leveraging a precision ID.”

At Interplay, we’re working on solving the problem of targeting advertising for our brands and for our network’s readers by exploring geo-fencing and ad beacons to create more targeted campaigns.

As a network of digital sports publishers, our main focus in the next twelve months will look to use geo-advertising for in-stadium mobile advertising to help target our network when they’re at their most passionate.

Another topic of discussion is the complexities of incorporating video into mobile based campaigns, with Vice President of Facebook’s global marketing solutions Carolyn Everson telling Ad Week: “For the very first time, brands are starting to see that you can tell beautiful stories on the mobile device. The brands that we’re talking to are interested in pushing(video), so that it’s where they’re going.”

Interplay has also continuously been working with both our publishers and advertisers to produce high quality interactive ads and videos as users look to be more engaged and impressed. We’re seeing this more and more with Stick Sports as active engagement becomes more important.

And, what we’re predicting for the next twelve months of mobile advertising? We’re looking forward to richer content with more targeted publics, creating more value for our advertisers and a greater ad experience for users.