Time for Australian websites to catch up!

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Mnet has today released the results of a survey which has found that an astonishing 70% of Australian websites are not optimised for mobile.

The mobile specialist agency surveyed 100 of the top websites in the country across both enterprise and government sectors to conduct the research.

Adnews.com.au revealed that “the survey also found that of those same companies, some are seeing upwards of 35% of their traffic coming in from mobile devices.”

Compare this to Interplay Media, where 65% of our digital network is viewed on mobile devices.

This is due to the fact that our consumers are sports fans consuming the latest news and scores on the run; either at home in front of the T.V or at the sporting ground.

CEO of Mnet Travis Johnson told Adnews that mobile optimisation needs to become a priority or websites will simply lose business.

“Mobile is the last media they choose, the first to be chopped and the one where creative arrives days late. Too often it’s an afterthought but should be front-and-centre,” Johnson said.