Sizmek viewability report out this week good news for premium ad networks

Sizmek released some very interesting findings this week analysing the latest trends and benchmarks in the digital advertising industry, with several key trends regarding the viewability of ads emerging from the report.

The main trends that emerged were:
• Ads with a 70%+ viewable threshold had significantly higher performance across all measured impressions.
• Viewable rates increase as advertisers adopt more interactive formats.
• HTML5 improved viewable rates more than Flash.
• Mobile-specific-sized creative was more viewable than desktop-sized creative.
• Ads served direct to publishers increased viewability over ads served via programmatic.
• Mobile-specific unit-sized ads were more viewable than desktop for both publisher direct and DSPs/exchanges.

The most notable point was that ‘ads served direct to publishers increased viewablity over ads served via programmatic.

Interplay Media is a premium digital advertising agency specialising in locally based sports websites.

The trend that most interested us was the fact that viewability was increased when ads are served directly to the publishers.

We have always booked direct with advertisers and we’ve always felt our campaigns will have better viewability than those booked via programmatic, as the results of the Sizmek report have also shown.

Other notable trends were that viewing rates increase with more interactive formats and that mobile sized ads were more viewable than desktop sized ads.