Interplay Media | About Us - Interplay Media specialises in Programmatic advertising across sport, fitness, gaming & music digital platforms.
Based in Melbourne, Australia we partner with premium Australian and international digital platforms to grow their programmatic revenue, digital advertising sponsorships, Australian focused content and audiences.
Digital Publisher, Advertising, Ad Operations, Gaming, Fitness, Music, Sport
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Programmatic Media Buying

Interplay Media operates its unique internal programmatic buying service to help brands target their relevant audience.


We leverage our connections with supply and tech partners built through 10 years of experience as publisher to deliver successful campaigns as an advertiser.


With a team of expert programmatic traders, deep understanding of our audience and ownership of unique 1st party data, we assist brands in delivering successful programmatic campaigns.

What We Do



Tailored campaign strategy


Campaigns built around your broader digital strategy


ROI based media delivery

programmatic activation

Programmatic Activation

Mobile, Desktop, Native, Social Display


Video, Connected TV, High Impact


Engagement based Retargeting



Proprietary 1st party data activation


Footfall attribution modelling


Activations from 9 million Optus devices


Insights & Consultancy

Day to day trading and optimisation


In-depth analytics to build more meaningful campaigns


Strategic consultancy to maximise every dollar you spend

How We Do It


We look to understand more of your business, how you work and what your needs are. The more we know of your business the better we can activate.


We agree objectives, build a bespoke strategy, select the right partners and plan the campaign.


Our media trading team activate the campaign and optimise on a daily basis. We provide expert advice and industry trends to grow our partnership.


Our team produce detailed reporting and gather insights on campaign performance. We focus on meaningful insights that will add value to your business and digital strategy. 

For any enquiries, please send us an email or call via our Contact Page