Optus deal to broadcast EPL a sign of the times

Optus EPL image

Foxtel has lost the broadcasting rights to the English Premier League in a massive blow to the News Corp company.

Optus has signed an exclusive three-year deal to broadcast all 380 EPL matches in Australia from next season, in a deal worth a reported $50 million. Foxtel has held the exclusive rights to the EPL since 1997. The deal includes digital rights for broadband and mobile.

It is a further blow to Foxtel, with the Premier League a major drawcard for customers.

Optus will now own exclusive rights for Australian domestic cricket and the English Premier League.

The rise of streaming services such as Netflix have are already huge players in the television and film market and it is only a matter of time before major sports are also broadcast exclusively on online streaming services.

The face of sports broadcasting is changing dramatically and consumers will start to turn away from traditional forms of media and view more of the sport they want on the go, whether it be on mobile, laptop or tablet.

What the changing landscape of sports broadcasting also means is that consumers for the first time may be able to pay for and watch the sports they want, rather than paying for an entire package of several different sports or television shows.

It remains unclear how Optus will broadcast the EPL to consumers, with several distribution options available to them. Customers may be offered an online only subscription deal or Optus could on sell the rights to an existing broadcaster.

However, one thing is certain, the way we view sport has changed forever.