He has waged a war of satire on everything from FIFA to the U.S Prison System and now British comedian John Oliver has caused a stir on his HBO show ‘Last Week Tonight’ by announcing the “integrity of news has become harder to protect” because of ‘native advertising’.

At Interplay Media Tower we have been reading a lot of the reaction to Oliver’s story, which while hilarious, has been criticised for being harsh and unrealistic toward media and marketers that create ‘native advertising’.

Oliver takes examples from some of the world’s biggest news producers and aggregators such as BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, The New York Times and Time Inc. to demonstrate that ‘native advertising’ is encroaching on independent journalism.

Richard Parker on mUmBRELLA says he is “usually a big fan of” John Oliver but that this segment shows, “some really dull thinking” and is a selective misrepresentation about something media organisations have used for a long time.

In the video itself, Oliver plays a clip of the New York Times executive Meredith Levien who defends the practice by refuting Oliver’s diagnosis of ‘native advertising’ as deception.

She describes it as a, “publisher sharing its storytelling tools with a marketer” to which Oliver hilariously exclaims, “And that’s not bullshit, its repurposed bovine waste”.

This humorous and idealistic point of view aside, Interplay Media knows ‘native advertising’ is not really a new thing; magazines for example have been doing it for a long time and taking it onto digital platforms makes a lot of sense to us.

Moreover we think it’s a pretty compelling way to get products and services in front of our publishers and advertisers audience, who want us to help produce relevant content.

Our network of sports bloggers produce passionate and highly informed content for a massively engaged and active group of sports lovers.  ‘Native Advertising’ on their sites allow them to improve what they do by providing resources to continue to develop and grow their content.

At Interplay Media we love sport, digital and advertising and sponsor supported content on our network like this Home Buyers Centre post on tooserious.net aligns with that perfectly.