NASCAR CEO George Pyne predicts digital collision

President of ING Sports Entertainment and former NASCAR CEO George Pyne wrote a thought provoking piece this week for AdAge on Sports Marketers needing to target long term growth through younger audiences and there technology use. 


A lot of what Pyne said was not unfamiliar news to us at the Interplay Tower but we feel the main message of the article was one worth highlighting:


“Projected trends through 2015 focus on the collision of sports and entertainment meeting social media, which is hyper-relevant to the generation of 20-to-mid-30-somethings” wrote Pyne.


The 20-30 age range is a huge part of the audience demographic that we deal with and it is to them that the ‘collision’ of sports and entertainment and social media is highly attractive.


We see that sponsored posts by brands on influential blogs are effective ways of making the most of the authority that those publishers hold.


Along with applications like Team App & AFL Footy Star, that use social media technology to make the traditional sporting experience more engaging, we help both publishers and brands benefit from the sports/entertainment ‘collision’