Interplay sees second screen engagement on the rise


No longer is watching TV a single screen activity, with users flocking to Twitter, Facebook and dedicated TV social networks such as Beamly to chat, moan, laugh and whine about their favourite TV shows.

General Manager of Beamly, Robb Beeston recently spoke to AdNews about the growth of second screen engagement when watching TV, saying that dedicated networks with aps such as Beamly give users a little extra privacy when watching.

“Not everyone wants to share with their real-world friends that they’re watching The Bachelor with because they may not have similar interests,” he said.

“However they want to be in an environment with a bunch of fans around them. It’s a way you can go and talk about your passion for that show without broadcasting to your entire social network.”

Twitter has also recently introduced its Amplify product, which allows media companies to track the level of engagement with their TV shows and events, with one of the highest times for engagement during large sporting events.

At Interplay, we see the rise in second screen TV engagement in sport not just through apps and social networks, but through the publishers in our network.

Fan Footy, which attracts over 291,000 unique visitors a month experiences huge spikes in visits during AFL games, with the site providing live up dates of AFL fantasy scores. Fantasy mad football fans can watch the game, while tracking how players from their fantasy team are going live on their laptop or mobile phone.

The trend of live engagement will only continue to grow, particularly in the sports entertainment sector, with more and more social networks and online publishers jumping on board with apps, live feeds and forums.