Interplay Media helps Fox Sports to top spots on YouTube

Interplay Media is thrilled to have helped make Fox Sports NRL & Fox Footy’s AFL pre-season ad campaigns the number 2 and 3 most watched ad’s on YouTube Australia in 2014.

FoxFooty’s ‘NotCrazy’ video has had over 370,000 views while Fox Sport’s NRL ‘Simply Obsessed’ campaign has just ticked over a huge 500,000 views.

The two pre-season video’s aimed to touch on supporter’s passion and obsession for their chosen sports to create excitement going into the 2014 seasons.

The YouTube videos were pushed through Interplay Media’s network of sports blogging and fan site’s using social media posts and sponsored articles which brought the video’s to a passionate sports audience.

Interplay Media engaged these key websites to produce content to support the videos in order to spark conversation within their followers about the campaigns. has the AFL’s biggest fan forum and a moderator managed post about the video generated over 140 comments.

NRL fan forum had a similarly successful comment response with its moderator managed post generating over 170 replies.

In total 19 AFL and NRL fan sites ran the campaign via social media or sponsored posts which reached a unique audience of 700,000.

The social media reach of this network saw the campaign reach out to a total of 221,353 on Facebook and 173,224 Twitter followers.

This result illustrates the potentially massive traction an ad campaign can be given when shared with a committed and specifically targeted sporting audience.