IAB UK to monitor Native Ads

The UK Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has introduced new guidelines around native advertising, stating businesses are required to clearly highlight the use of the promotional tool to avoid misleading consumers.

The introduction of these guidelines has been supported by theAssociation of Online Publishers (AOP) and ISBA Wire in light of the increased presence of native advertising.

Under the new guidelines outlined on Exchange Wire, businesses must include visual and written cues to demonstrate when editorials are sponsored or paid promotions.

“The guidelines help companies involved in developing and publishing such native ad formats to provide the necessary levels of transparency to consumers and uphold the integrity of online advertising,” IAB public policy manager Alex Stepney said.

Research from the IAB found that people are more likely to engage with native advertising if it is relevant and consumers are less likely to trust content if they are unsure of the source or where it derived from.

Through our own research at Interplay Media and our own use of native advertising throughout our blogger network, we support this idea.

Many Mummy Blogs have success with using native advertising to cover a range of topics that primarily interest women. The same website may have advertising ranging from food products, to luxury holiday destinations, to children’s services and retail.

Although we have found consumers of sporting websites and blogs are more likely to respond to native advertising only if it is relevant and content is specifically designed to suit consumers with an interest in sports.