Bigfooty Site redesign a huge success

BigFooty, Australia’s most popular AFL forum has completed the biggest platform overhaul and site redesign in its 13 year history.

A raft of new features have been added to the site including better functionality around sharing and commenting in the forums and social media integration. The site has also added a news and opinion sub-site called and has beefed up its content on Facebook.

Adrian Appleyard who founded the site said: ‘We’re really pleased with the new Bigfooty and the feedback from Members and our Moderator team of 15 members has been positive. The site is a lot slicker, especially with the sharing and social elements’.

Adrian went on to say ‘We set out to streamline the communication functions across the site and are seeing the great results coming through – pre redesign our Facebook page was doing 3,400 visits per week and now we’re seeing 40,000’.

James Spinks from Interplay Media, who handles the site’s ad sales, said ‘Adrian has simplified the ad structure and given the advertising better prominence across the site which has already resulted in a 29% lift in user engagement with the advertising’.