Behind the Scenes: How we will follow the Socceroos in Brazil!

Here at Interplay Media we love anything that is sport, digital and advertising so we will definately be keeping an eye on how the Socceroos are keeping fans abreast of their time in Brazil.


While the Socceroos may not be tipped to do too well  against three of the best teams in the world , they will certainly make sure fans can engage with this relatively unknown squad.


When die hards stuck in Australia’s winter want to feel like they’re with the team in the summer heat of Brazil, the media guys at the FFA are making sure their sponsor’s images are well and truly exposed.


That can be seen in this great Instagram shot of Socceroo legend Craig Moore and linchpin Mark Bresciano hanging out before the flight to Brazil.

Earlier today we also got a nice little video hosted by midfielder James Holland aboard the team’s comfortable looking flight to their South American World Cup training base.


Make sure you keep up to date too on Twitter too (@socceroos), where there will be some great updates coming through about what the players are doing while in camp.