ADIDAS’ World Cup Social Media success makes sense to Interplay Media

Social Media is one of the most important aspects in what we do at Interplay Tower and we love getting insights into how the very best social media users do their work.

Through the 2014 World Cup it is being reported that Adidas have absolutely dominated every other brand when it comes to social media engagement, dwarfing companies like McDonalds, Sony and Coca-Cola.

This is no accident according to an investigative piece from who had a reporter inside Adidas’ ‘Social Media Bunker’ during the tournament.

The article demonstrates the lengths Adidas have gone to in their World Cup Social Media strategy and the meticulous planning and effort in every tweet’s timing and subject matter.

What this example reinforces to us at Interplay Tower is that Social Media does matter and that it is an aspect of a business or a sports blog that deserves time and attention.