Mobile Slider

Activate your target audience's interest with a Mobile Slider. 

Containing two components, the Mobile Slider is activated by user interaction. Once stimulated - a full screen appears with sound, video or imagery.  (320px (w) x 50px (h) or 300px (w) x 250px (h)) that on user interaction slides to a full screen ad experience.

320px (w) x 50px (h)

Expanded: Fullscreen or Custom (w) & (h) in pixels


Static or Rich Media creative accepted.

Maximum file size: 30kB banner; fullscreen 100kB.

File Format: GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & JavaScript accepted.

Max animation: 15 seconds.

Multi panel ad components must be actioned by swipe within the ad unit, but not on the back banner bar.

Base Ad:

Must include swipe or slide call to action with an icon indicating the horizontal direction from which the full page component will slide into frame.

Launched on tap only.

Full Page Component:

Multi panel ad components must be actioned by swipe within the ad unit (see main spec options for full description).

Video Assets:

File Format: MOV & MP4.

Audio must contain a visible stop/play and pause or mute functionality.

Max Video Length: 90 seconds.

18 FPS

Thumbnails: resized to bounding box from video assets (thumbnails are displayed when multiple images are added to the app).


All audio must be user initiated by a mouse click.

Lead Time:

Standard creative with build requirement 5 business days, for Rich Media executions and additional functionality (Interactive Maps, Video & Social components) lead-time build requirement 10 business days.

Creative Contact:

Please submit all creative to the Interplay AdOps team via your Account Manager. If you have any special requests please submit via the form below.

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