Mobile Interstitial

Book a high impact full screen Mobile Interstitial.

Interstitial advertising is a brief takeover of the publishers content. While scrolling or once opening s specific page, a large advertisement is triggered and will appear offering the ability for a user to click through for more information - or the option to close. Interesting and eye catching content creates better results. 

Please note: The below specifications relate to static image or animation adpacement. Please see Mobile Banner Video Interstitial  for Video Spec's. 

320px (w) x 480px (h)

Can also have a 640x960 to have the ad completely fill the iphone 7+ screen.


Static and Rich Media accepted.

GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & JavaScript accepted.

Max animation: 15 Seconds and loop twice.

Prominent Close button required in upper corner.

If Interplay's creative team are building the components close button is supplied and not required.

3rd Party creative accepted.

Third Party Ad Tags MUST be SSL compliant.

Lead Time:

2x version 640x960. Requires 3 weeks lead time if built by Interplay.

Creative Contact:

Please submit all creative to the Interplay AdOps team via your Account Manager. If you have any special requests please submit via the form below.


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