Desktop Advertising across the Interplay Network

Interplay Media offers a wide range of desktop advertising placements through their diverse network.

Desktop Creatives: 

For all advertising across the Interplay network, please refer to the creative specifications located below. If you have any further questions relating to the creative specifications please contact your Account Manager.


• All creative must have a valid click through URL; valid click through URLs include websites, regional listings or social media pages.
• For ClickTag instructions relating to the third party served creatives, please refer to your adserving vendor’s documentation. Our publishers reserve the right to reject any insertion, graphic, text description or URL not deemed acceptable.
• Advertisements should not employ rapid “strobing” animation of any graphics, copy or background elements.
• Advertisements must not have messaging designed to mislead consumers into visiting a site that is unrelated to the content of the advertisement.
• If the creative has a white background, it should be encased by a solid 1px grey boarder to make distinct from the content.
• Interplay prohibit advertisers from issuing ads, infomercials or infotisements in such a manner that the viewer or reader believes the content is news rather than advertising.
• Interplay’s Publisher’s  properties may not be used to imply affiliation with or an endorsement by any Publishers’s product, content or service – unless such a relationship exists.
• Optional 1×1 tracking pixel can be supplied on all creative.


• All audio must be user initiated on click.
• The user can select additional loops by using a visible play functionality; no automatic audio looping is permitted


The Advertiser may cancel an ad and terminate the Advertising Service without cause, on written notice to Interplay prior to the publication date. If the Advertiser provides less than 30 days’ written notice of such termination prior to the publication date, then Interplay may charge the advertiser the fees (ie the full cost) for the cancelled Advertising Services or the publication of the ads.


Optimal lead time on all creative is three working days.


Please refer to our ad specification table below.

Ad Format Specifications Maximum File Size File Format Straming Media Media
Billboard  970px (w) x 250px (h) 100kB  GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & Javascript  2.2MB polite download, 90 seconds maximum  Video: (Optional) 90 seconds maximum. Audio (Optional): User initiated on click
Exp MREC  MREC 300px (w) x 250px (h) Expanded 600px (w) x 250 (h)  100 kB HTML5 & Javascript (AS3 Accepted) 2.2 MB polite download Audio (Optional): User initiated on click. Video (Optional): 30-90 seconds maximum.
Gutters  120px (w) x 1000px (h) Wide Gutters: 160px (w) x 1000px (h) 40 kB  GIF, JPG, PNG N/A N/A
Half Page  300px (w) x 600px (h) 100kB  for rich, 40kB for static GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & Javascript  N/A Static or Rich Media
IAB Filmstrip  Maximum of Five cells: 300px (w) x 600px (h) 100kB GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & Javascript (AS3 accepted)  N/A  Video (Optional): 30 seconds. Audio (Optional): User initated on click.
Leaderboard  728px (w) x 90px (h) 100kB for rich, 50kB for static GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & Javascript N/A  Static or Rich Media
League Unlimited Wallpaper  1900px (w) x 1080px (h) 200 kB GIF, JPG, PNG  N/A  Wallpaper static ad
MREC  300px(w) x 250px (h) 100kB for rich, 40kB for static  GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & Javascript  N/A N/A
OTP  500px (w) x 500px (h)  100kB (exclusing video content)  GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & Javascript  2.2MB Polite Download N/A
RMX  300px (w) x 600px (h)  100kB (Excludes video element) Header: GIF, JPG, PNG. Video: Youtube, FLV and MP4 accepted. Creative: GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & Javascript  2.2MB polite download.  N/A
Zero Tackle Wallpaper  1900px (w) x 1080px (h) 200Kb GIF, JPG, PNG  N/A  N/A
Roadblock  Leaderboard 728px (W) x 90px (h) MREC: 300px (w) x 250px (h)  100kB for rich, 40kB static  GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & Javascript  N/A  Static or rich media
Skyscraper  160px (w) x 600px (h)  100kB for rich, 40 kB for static  GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & Javascript  N/A  Static or rich media

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