US sports interest takes off with Hayne Plane


The month of September belonged to Jarryd Hayne. The former Parramatta Eels superstar did what many Australian sports experts had thought impossible, earning a place on the San Francisco 49ers final 53-man roster for the 2015-16 NFL season.

Not only did he survive two cuts to make the team alongside players who have been playing American football for their entire lives, but he was also selected for the 49ers first regular season game after impressive pre-season performances. He has since featured in every one of their next three matches.

Hayne’s success has seen a massive spike in interest in US sports and particularly in NFL in Australia. His transformation from NRL star to a global sporting brand has been both swift and stunning.

What Hayne and his manager Wayne Beavis, have been able to do so well is create not only an NFL player, but a brand, which is sure to grow even further. The Hayne Plane or Hayne Train as he is now known has incredible commercial potential. Hayne and Beavis have trademarked ‘the Hayne Plane’ and set up his own logo and website, ready to cash in on his new found stardom on a global scale. His humble, easy going Australian attitude will endear him to fans and grow his marketing capacity even further.

The Daily Telegraph has even set up a dedicated page on its website called, ‘The Hayne Hub,’ to keep every fan updated on all the latest Jarryd Hayne news, complete with a Twitter feed from Hayne and the San Francisco 49ers.
Several impressive plays as a punt returner has had US media singing his praises.

NFL legend Roger Craig, winner of three Super Bowls with the 49ers, has even called for Hayne to be given more game time.

Hayne has the world at his feet. Not only could he potentially become an NFL star through his sheer talent and hard work, but he could stand to be one of the biggest names in world sport due to his stunning switch from rugby league to American Football. Amazingly, just 12 months ago he left the NRL to pursue his NFL dream and now he is doing just that and suprising everyone in the process.