2017 IAB Ad Ops Conference – Our top ten takeaway’s.

Our tech gun's Ben and Dan attended the IAB Digital Ad Ops 2017 Conference on Wednesday, ensuring Interplay is on top of upcoming trends and new technological threats.

These are the top ten takeaways.

  1. Adblocking: according to research 1-4 Australians block ads! Desktop accounts for 21% and mobile sits at 5%, it’s important to know your numbers
  2. Brand Safety: making advertising safe and more importantly relevant to the content the user is reading. For example, Toyota targeting a Volkswagen diesel emissions piece
  3. Viewability: Buzzword in the industry, according to the IAB viewability standards are 55%, agencies are requesting 70%, thus instead of focusing on viewability as a measure, agencies need to focus on the relevance of their message to the user for the time they have their attention! For example, users have on average a 7-second attention span, utilise the LEAN process (LEAN stands for Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported & Non-invasive) if your page has excessive JS calls this is going to be an issue, ensure HTML5 means HTML5 not GIFs wrapped in HTML5 code!!!
  4. Sh*t creative: Of all users asked by the coalition for better ads the two biggest bug bears for users were:
  •  Poorly designed user experience
  • Excessive load time


    •                 Pop Up
    •                 Video Auto-Play Ads
    •                 Prestitial with countdown
    •                 Large Sticky ads that take up 25% of screen


    •                 Pop Up
    •                 No Close Button
    •                 “Close Button” doesn’t work
    •                 Poor Targeting
  1. How content is paid for: Linked directly to Ad blocking – the importance of educating your audience on why ads are important
  2. Broadening your knowledge: Expanding your network through tech meetups, read info from the IAB, read AdnewsAdexchangerMumbrella etc to enhance your understanding of mediascapes and also to give you a broader picture of the players in the space.
  3. Tech Updates: The importance of ensuring your product is up-to-date. For example, if you run video, ensure you are VAST 4.0 - not 2.0. Ensure tags are secure for SSL compliance – the small things make a big difference.
  4. Adservers were not built for Programmatic: Main challenge faced by the industry today. Adservers were designed to deliver ads, not the complex algorithms in today’s programmatic ecosystem. This challenge is being addressed by Header Bidding technology, whilst no-means a magic bullet to the problem - it is a step in the right direction.
  1. Industry Churn Rate: The average employment duration in tech ops is 12 months. How do we stabilise this trend? It leads to a talent shortage and thus masquerades as a knowledge gap. In reality, talented people are not being retained long enough to sharpen their skill set. We need to get better at keeping talent!
  2. AI Learning: Space Invaders example is 10 minutes in. Machine learning is now a necessity to work through the enormous amount of data now available in market. This needs to be front and centre as part of your data strategy, pre-programmed rules won’t cut it anymore.
Ben Murray
Ben 'The Bull' Murray
Digital Operations Director
Dan 'The Man' Baricevic
Digital Media Coordinator