Case Study: Patties Foods

Interplay Media is proud to have partnered with Patties, a staple of Australian households for over 50 years with such brands including Four n’ Twenty & Patties Pies. Patties presented us with a brief based on targeting 2 very different age and gender demographics with strong links to grassroots sports. This brief presented us with a clear decision to bring the campaign to life through TeamApp.

TeamApp is Australia’s largest digital community of grassroots sporting clubs. Since it’s release, TeamApp has over 900,00 monthly active users and has a highly engaged audience, with users averaging 35 minutes per month. The campaign was run over a month and its aim was to target Mums (Patties Pies) and Tradies (Foun n’ Twenty), two separate creatives were used to create a more tailored experience for targeted users.

Patties major focus of targeting those in the grassroots sports space combined with age and demographic targeting for specific users proved to be a highly successful campaign.

Following the conclusion of the campaign, the specific creative targeting options available for Mums and Tradies were well received by users. Overall, the CTR% for Mums was double of the benchmark and for Tradies, just under double the TeamApp benchmark.