Capper should seek even more compensation from Nandos


Colourful former AFL star Wawrick Capper has launched legal action against fast food chain Nandos.

While Capper is often outspoken and somewhat controversial, this time, he has every right to sue.

Capper is threatening to sue Nandos for $300,000, after the restaurant referenced the 52-year-old in an advertising campaign for Nandos’ 25th anniversary.

wawrick capper

“25 years ago … Warwick Capper had the shortest shorts in footy. And Nando’s hatched Down Under,” the ad reads.

Nandos offered to pay Capper $10,000, however, he is demanding $289,300, the Herald Sun has reported.

Capper was involved in a Nandos marketing campaign seven years ago, however, Nandos have opted to use his name without his permission.

“As soon as this oversight was brought to our attention we apologised and took action to remove the advertising from the market,” a Nandos spokesperson said.

“Based on the work we have done previously with Mr Capper, we also offered what we believe is fair and reasonable payment for referencing him in these ads.”

However, Capper disagreed, demanding more money, saying he is “the Michael Jordan of Australia”.

But we believe he should seeking compensation in the vicinity of $1 million, with Nandos blatantly referencing Capper when he has not worked with the franchise since 2009.

Capper’s agent Matthew Gray said the former Sydney and Brisbane player is willing to sit down with Nandos and negotiate a price both parties were happy with. However, Nandos is reportedly unwilling to budge.

Michael Jordan received a whopping $US8.9 million in a similar case when a supermarket chain used his name without permission.