Gain insight and reach your target audience with a eDM.

Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) is delivering a strategic email to a list of opted in recipients. We have 15 quality mailing lists we regularly deliver campaigns to with success. 

eDM's provide the ability to understand who is interested in products or services. This can be done by monitoring openings and offering Click Through's on articles, competitions and offers. This data is useful for understanding markets. 

When delivering a eDM campaign we recommend testing on Subject Lines and content - we offer A/B testing and segmenting  on most of our network which can attain useful information for product launches or brand decisions. 

We also offer creative services for eDM creation - for more information please contact us. 

750px (w) 

File format: HTML fully assembles (links and images in place)

File size: Images 200kB maximum/HTML/text 20kB

Restriction: no JavaScript, flash and form

JPEG Image: RGB Format and not CMYK 

Subject line: No more than 160 characters incl spaces

All images should be saved as web optimised files

Please ensure any special characters are stripped out of the HTML and replaced with web safe characters. 

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