Mobile MREC

Interplay offers Mobile MREC advertising spots across the network - perfect for having a high visual presence.  

Interplay's Medium Rectangle's offer the ability to communicate to an engaged mobile audience. 

300px (w) x 250px (h)


Static or Rich Media creative accepted.

Maximum file size: 30kB.

GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & JavaScript accepted.

Max animation: 15 Seconds and loop twice.

Ensure images are mobile web optimised; do not use flash assets; landing pages must be mobile optimised.

When supplying HTML5 files Interplay requires a backup image file (JPG, GIF or PNG) to cater for unsupported environments.

Available network wide. 

3rd Party creative accepted.


All audio must be user initiated by a mouse click.

Audio must contain visible stop/play and pause or mute functionality.

Lead Time:

Standard creative with build requirement 5 Business days. 3rd Party impression and click tracking tags accepted.

Creative Contact:

Please submit all creative to the Interplay AdOps team via your Account Manager. If you have any special requests please submit via the form below.

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