Mobile Banner

Our general Mobile Banner is a great way to reach a targeted audience and maintain brand knowledge. 

An IAB standard 320x50 ad unit sits below the webpage header. It can house rich media functionality such as animation. Alternatively it  also can be built with the option to on tap expand into a larger expanded panel (320x400). Please see our expandable specs. 

320px (w) x 50px (h) 


Static or Rich Media creative accepted.

Maximum file size: 30kB.

GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5 & JavaScript accepted.

Max animation: 15 Seconds and loop twice.

Ensure images are mobile web optimised; do not use flash assets; landing pages must be mobile optimised. 

When supplying HTML5 files Interplay requires a backup image file (JPG, GIF or PNG) to cater for unsupported environments.

Available network wide.

3rd Party creative accepted.


All audio must be user initiated by a mouse click.

Audio must contain visible stop/play and pause or mute functionality.

Lead Time: 

Standard creative with build requirement 5 Business days. 3rd Party impression and click tracking tags accepted.

Creative Contact: 

Please submit all creative to the Interplay AdOps team via your Account Manager. If you have any special requests please submit via the form below.


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