MMF – Video News Feed

A Video implemented into the News Feed of Map My Fitness. 

UA offer the ability of multiple segmentation to reach the most suitable audience for your product or service. Acquire longer session times by implementing a relevant and engaging  video. 

555px (w) x 230px (h)


Logo: 80px (w) x 80px (h).

Logo image: Static GIF, JPG or PNG only.

File size: 30kB max.

Headline: 140 character limit.

CTA: 20 character limit.

1×1 tracking pixel and click tracker accepted. 

clickTAG is the flash standard for tracking banner clicks. Read the clickTAG on DFP Support or Adobe Resources.


Video: 310px (w) x 146px (h), 465px (w) x 219px (h), 620px (w) x 292px (h).

Video file for hosted video (MP4, 1GB Max).

:15 or :30 video file accepted.

Link to where the content lives on the web (hosted video).

Close Button: Prominent.

Video Controls: Play, Pause, Stop & Mute.

Max FPS (Frames per Second): 18.

Z Index less than 100.


Auto-Audio On: No.

Audio initiation (tap).

Polite download/in-banner audio must be user initiated. 

Creative Contact:

Please submit all creative to the Interplay AdOps team via your Account Manager. If you have any special requests please submit via the form below.

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